Merry Christmas! (Also - our tips on diet hacks this festive season…)

Christmas is a time for love and sharing, filled with ugly sweaters, logcakes (yum!) and gifts aplenty. If you’re dreading the inevitable weight gain that the festive season brings, try out our favorite tips below. Let us know if they work for you too!

  1. Down a glass of water right before Christmas dinner (or lunch / brunch / tea / snack… you get the idea) – One of the common causes of overeating are when you eat too much, too fast. Your body does not have the time to register the amount of food consumed and send signals to your brain to stop! Drinking a glass of water right before a heavy meal will help to fill you up, and reduces the likelihood of overeating without realizing.
  2. Sneak in mini workout sessions throughout the day – this is one of our favorite tips, and can be applied when you’re at work too! Every hour, make it a point to head out and climb a couple of flights of stairs, or do ten jumping jacks. The key here is quantity, and not intensity. Every little bit helps, and you’ll find that you’ve easily achieved a good workout at the end of the day!
  3. Rope in a partner in crime – ‘cos sometimes we need a helping hand! Having a partner helps you be more accountable to sticking to your plan, be it working out or eating less. And hey, if all else fails, at least you’ll have someone to hit the gym with after the festive season! (Hint: have you checked out our Christmas giveaway? Make working out twice as fun by twinning with your girls in our fabulous workout gear ;))

Be kind to your body and show yourself some love, ‘cos Christmas is not just about loving your family and friends!

Go be fabulous, and Merry Christmas from all of us at Kitara Rouge!


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