Serenity Mala Necklace by Mala Love by Michelle

Serenity Mala

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108 Mala; 42 cm long made out of Howlite beads and Rhudraksha seeds (6mm diameter). Each bead is separated by a handmade knot, ending with a guru bead and a Tree of Life Pendant (3cm diameter).

Customise or personalise your own mala necklace or bracelet!

What is a 108 Bead Mala?

In traditional Tibetan Buddhism, mala's are often created using 108 beads, as a 108-bead mantra repetition represents the 108 worldly sins in the Buddhist doctrine. In addition, the number 108 is considered to be sacred in Eastern religions, representing the universe as one thing (1), nothing (0) and everything (8, or infinity).

Howlite is a calming stone that teaches patience and helps eliminate anger, pain and stress. Also believed to prepare the mind to receive wisdom and insight.

Rhudraksha seeds are known to promote inner peace, knowledge, power and enlightenment and represent the meditative powers of Shiva to focus the mind and remove the demons of desire, lust and attachment.

In Hinduism, the Tree of Life represents the Eternal Banyan Tree (Akshaya Vata) where Lord Krishna rested on its leaves in the form of a baby when land did not exist. It is also believed that this is the tree where Buddha once meditated under. 

Please refer to the following mala bracelet size guide to estimate a suitable length to wrap around your wrist. Mala necklaces range between 46cm – 48cm only.

*Custom sizing available upon request. Let us know in the Remarks/Notes box upon Checkout.